The Epping Club – Empowering Youths to be Leaders of Today

Peter Saez with students

Peter Saez with students

Local year 11 students from Epping and Ryde discovering their unrealised capacity to lead themselves and others significantly, thanks to RBF Member The Epping Club.

The Epping Club has sponsored twelve students from across Epping Boys High, Marsden High, Ryde Secondary College and Riverside Girls High to participate in Max Potential.

When the club heard of the impact Max Potential was having in the community, CEO Peter Saez jumped at the opportunity to ensure the program continued in the Epping-Ryde regions.

“At the heart of Clubs is Community. Our young people are integral to our community today and in the future. We found a synergy with Max Potential and our vision for our role in the community,“ Peter said.

It’s common knowledge that our young people are our future leaders. Max Potential aims to empower them to be local leaders now. Through group workshops and one to one coaching sessions with community members, the students are deepening their understanding of who they are as people, becoming clearer about their goals, and discovering new ways to overcome the challenges in their life.

This personal growth in individual young people has a ripple effect on the wider community. As part of the program the students develop and implement their own Community Service Project to engage with and build up those around them in a meaningful way.

After just one workshop, Marsden High student, Brooke Seifert has become clearer on her goals and more confident. “The Introduction Workshop made me realise there are more ways to reach my goals, and it helped me to become more confident in meeting new people” Brooke said.

Max Potential 2015 runs until June. If you are interested in engaging with the program contact Rachel Landers at The Epping Club or Mel Hanger 0419 515 005 or email