The Essentials Guide to Working Remotely

This blog post is by Richard Grace of Mach5 IT Solutions Epping.

Working remotely.  It’s something more and more people do, and for those that haven’t yet sampled its particular delights, it’s not as difficult to get started as you might think.  Like anything, a little planning can go a long way and Mach5 IT Solutions have prepared a small list of ‘essentials’ to get you started:

  • Mobile device
  • Internet Connection
  • Team Viewer
  • Hosted Email
Mobile Device

Sounds obvious, particularly in the age of Smartphones that can do practically everything, but if you’ve only ever worked on a desktop computer you may be unaware of the enormous flexibility a mobile device can bring to your working life.  Or of the wide range of mobile devices from which you can choose.  For the purposes of this discussion, mobile device is not restricted to a handheld device, but includes laptops, tablets, hybrid laptop-tablets (e.g. MS Surface), iPad, iPad mini and smartphones.  The thing they all have in common is their portability – basically, they’re small, light and robust enough to take with you anywhere.  But with the major benefit of being powerful enough to do everything you can do on your desktop machine.

Internet Connection

You’ve got your mobile device and you’ve been working, at home, on a client presentation.  Now you need to have it reviewed by colleagues back at base.  How do you get it to them?  Over the internet!  Here, again, there are so many ways to achieve this.  You could utilise your home Wi-Fi connection.  Visit a friendly local café to enjoy a coffee while connecting to their free Wi-Fi service.  Send it over the mobile phone network from a smartphone.  Use a dedicated Wi-Fi dongle – a little device that connects to your mobile device wirelessly and also uses the mobile phone network to transfer data.  You can even use your smartphone in place of a dongle; the phone is ‘tethered’ to your mobile device (e.g. laptop) and data is transferred across the mobile phone network (that’s actually how this information got to you).

Team Viewer

A useful piece of proprietary application software that allows team meetings to be held involving up to 25 people in various locations.  Bring colleagues up-to-date with what you’re currently working on, easily discuss any issues, agree plans, review other people’s work; everything you’d normally do in a meeting, and all as if you were sitting in the same room with the rest of the team.  Team Viewercan also be used as a helpdesk & trouble-shooting tool.  If anyone working remotely experiences technical issues, it’s easy to connect directly to their device for problem identification and resolution.  Remote workers needn’t feel stranded or abandoned when help is just an internet connection away.

Hosted Email

A subject close to our hearts at Mach5 IT, and something we can’t speak highly enough about.  Using a system such as MS Exchange, emails are automatically synchronised between base (e.g. the office) and remote mobile devices.  Everything is automatically backed-up securely and is available wherever and whenever required.

Our list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but simply serves as an introduction to the subject of remote working.  Discover how easily you can get started working remotely – talk to Mach5 IT Solutionsfor more information and arrange for an impartial review of your specific requirements.