Upcoming 2-day programs at MGSM

Finance for Non-Finance Managers; 2-3 June

An interactive and practical program designed to equip business managers with the capacity and insight to make decisions that yield better financial results and giving them the fundamental principles which can be relied upon for making sound financial decisions on a day-to-day basis.

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Female Leadership; 26-27 June

Learning and discussion on how to better integrate women into the workplace. What are the real differences in the way that women and men lead and how to leverage from such differences? What are the scientific views in regards to gender differences? What strategies, skills and beliefs do women need to develop to advance their career?

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Breakthrough Negotiations; 14-15 July

The session guides participants through all the key stages in the negotiation process, from preparation through post-negotiation debriefing. We draw on international research, negotiation cases and utilise carefully designed experiential learning techniques to foster ‘deep’ learning. Participants will identify their dominant negotiation style and learn how to vary their style to effect results across different situations.

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Persuasive Communication; 11-12 August

The focus of this program is on developing the skill necessary to prepare and deliver persuasive messages, quality argument and audience engagement. Through participation in exercises, group workshops and individual assignments, participants can learn, practice and receive feedback in a safe and effective environment.

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