Update from RBF’s Traffic & Transport Committee

Morell Boyce, Chair of RBF’s Traffic and Transport committee, has provided the following update for the information of members and local business people:

  • F1/M2 Link. Subject to a favourable enviroment report it appears that the link will be built by way of a tunnel under Penant Hills Road. There could be issues around emissions from the ventilation outlets as it is expected that 5,000 trucks a day will use the tunnel. Also trucks can present traffic flow and safety concerns as they breakdown/catch fire on a regular basis. A better longterm solution to solve the problem of congestion on PHR would be to directly link the F7 to the F1 just south or north of the Hawkesbury River by way of a surface road. For six years Morell has been lobbying Federal, State and Local Government plus Trabsurban to link the F1 to the M2 by way of a tunnel under Wahroonga and South Turramurra as a way to reduce traffic on the Pacific Highway from Wahroonga to Artarmon plus Ryde, Lane Cove and Epping roads. Morell has had face to face meetings with the then Premier and the Minister Of Transport in this regard. Over this period the Ryde Council and Macquarie Park Transport Management Authority have conducted many business surveys and in every case the problem of traffic congestion in Ryde has been identified as by far the biggest issue facing business. Morell plans to continue his lobbying efforts by way of the recently announced ” Rebuilding NSW” consultation process.
  • Ramp Connecting Lane Cove Road To The East Bound Lanes Of The M2. The ramp is now open to traffic. The construction of the ramp which cost $25m to build, was identified as a need by RBF through the Macquarie Park Forum five years ago. Morell has suggested to Transurban that the signage for the ramp on Ryde Road be expanded to identify destinations of North Sydney, Sydney CBD, the Airport and the South Coast. Currently the sign just reads “Sydney”.
  • North Ryde Station Precinct. Stage one the development comprising residential towers of 27, 23 and 13 stories went on the market in June. Three hundred units sold on day one. Construction should commence later this year.
  • Herring Road Precinct. The State Government have released draft plans for public discussion. Ryde Council are strongly opposed to the scale of the development due to the extreme pressure that it would impose on the already heavy congested Herring Road.
  • Macquarie Shopping Centre. The new food hall incorporating Coles and Aldi supermarkets is now open for business. The remainder of the additions incorporating DJ’s and high end fashion stores are scheduled to open on October 16 when MSC will become the biggest shopping centre in Sydney.
  • Parramatta To Macquarie Park Light Rail. Ryde Council is proposing that the route be along Victoria and Lane Cove roads as opposed to a route via Eastwood being proposed by Parramatta Council.
  • Ryde Council. The Council’s Economic Development Advisory Committee at its last meeting signed off on the draft five year plan for the Council.No dramatic changes are proposed. The Council is currently surveying ratepayers to see if they support increases in rates from 3% to 15% for the 2015/16 financial year. Other matters: Dominic Johnson is now the acting General Manager. The Council is currently advertising for a permanent GM. A new mayor will be elected on September 9. The next Council elections will be held in 2016.