Video Marketing workshop a crowd-pleaser – review

Geoff Anderson presenting at this morning's workshop.Attendees at this morning’s Video Marketing workshop with Geoff Anderson of Sonic Sight came away full of enthusiasm and with excellent ideas on how to put a video marketing strategy in place and how to use video for their business.

Geoff’s presentation briefly covered the key points in a video strategy – strategy, production, distribution – and then expanded on them.

He talked about streamlining the process and shooting two or three videos on the one day, to be released at different times.

It’s important to decide on the purpose of your video, too. It can’t simply be an advertisement for your business. So … it could be a FAQ video about your products and services, or a case study of one of your customers, for example. It should have a call to action: make a phone call, click on a link, sign up for a newsletter or download.

Geoff covered the increasing use of video on Facebook, and the importance of captions on your Facebook video as many people watch them without sound. Your video, unless it’s Facebook live, shouldn’t be more than 60-90 seconds long in order to keep peoples’ attention. So what DOES get attention on Facebook? Food. Food. Food. Food videos get twice the views of the next popular theme, fashion, followed by animals, DIY and humour. Having said that, tips and hacks get widely shared too. Food for thought for your business (pun intended).

Geoff showed several videos and explained the rationale and strategy behind them, and how they were used by the client.

See highlights from the presentation here:

His final slide was a real value-add – the opportunity to download three e-books on Video Marketing.  To get these books, go to the Sonic Sight website and scroll down the home page for the link.

3 free e-books from Sonic Sight. Click here.