Volunteering opportunities at Riding for the Disabled (Ryde) – spread the word!

Riding for the Disabled Association NSW is a voluntary run, non-profit organisation which enables children and adults with disabilities to enjoy therapeutic horse riding and horse-centric activities.  Participation in the programs helps riders achieve physical, social, psychological and education progress.

The Ryde Centre is run by volunteers, receives no recurrent funding and is totally reliant on the generosity of individuals, community groups and local businesses.  Volunteers are always very welcome to come and join RDA on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday mornings to help with classes or at 8am any morning and 4pm any afternoon to clean the yards and feed the horses.  Volunteers are also needed for other activities, such as administration, maintenance of the gardens, buildings and other structures, fundraising and so on.

As RDA’s horses are in yards they have the continual cost of feed and supplements to keep them in good health.  The farrier comes every six weeks to trim the hooves, the dentist twice a year and the vet when necessary.  The direct cost of the food and services is up to $5,000 per annum per horse.  This is in addition to the other substantial costs of operating the Centre for the provision of therapy to those with a disability.

If your organisation would be interested in full or part support of a horse, or of the Ryde Centre in general, please contact us for our Support Package.

RDA(NSW) Ryde Centre – ryde.rda@gmail.com  or  9868 2223 (answering machine)