Welcome to new member Build the Audience

Build the Audience is a company owned by Glyn MacLean, a multi award winning Channel & Partner Development expert.

“I would like to bring NSW up to date with what Channel and Partner Development is.  How any business can use the principles and technology of leverage to grow their commercial audience and their profits through better leveraging key stakeholder relationships and creating new channels to market,” Glyn said.

“My work also covers engineering two key areas for 2016.

“(1) Optimisation, which includes the hands on integration of over 100 Cloud business systems that connect to deliver end to reduce cost and automate value. This is the hands-on engineering to expertly implement commercial technology that works automatically to drive commerce.

“(2) Customer Experience & Client Engagement.  Customer Experience or CX is all the rage in 2016.  I am ahead off the curve with Customer Journey CX Mapping workshops already developed.  I am branding as SWIM CULTURE (sink or swim) to drive behavioural change within an organisation to grow business.

“My work deals with the genuine nature of how we implement key drivers for proactive human engagement  around developing capability to see existing and new opportunity. This comes from the award winning industry transformation work that I did across the accounting industry, that resulted in Attache winning Best Cloud Product 2014 and generated millions on bottom line profits,” Glyn said.


Glyn’s largest verified commercial audience for a client is 51 million in the USA. His work won an Australian award for the results of an Accounting Industry Transformation Pilot Program across Australia and New Zealand.


Glyn is an outsourced affordable Channel & Partner Developer. He creates strategy for Leveraged, Accelerated scalable business growth and provides hands on practical implementation to build channels. This builds new business, quickly at scale to create industry leaders. He works with a partner ecosystem to build business engines.  He delivers improved revenue and profits.



– Financial and Professional Services.

– Communications, Creative, Media & Technology,

– Wholesale and Retail Distribution, Manufacturing.

– Also translates well to other industries.


– Any C level Executive.

– Senior Managers

– Advisory Boards.

– Shareholders.

– Owners.

– Leaders.


– StartUps

– Established businesses seeking growth

– Industry Groups seeking National Transformation


We have a complimentary 30 minute Value Discovery phone meeting.  I will assess if I can build an engine to deliver the value you want.  I am expert. If I can build your engine, I will disengage.  If I can help you, I will summarise how it’s done.


I help leaders to determine the value of a channel to market before taking the leap.  I reduce the cost of building channels and partnerships to achieve new client acquisition. I improve the customer experience, client engagement, profits and lifetime customer value.


I design pilot programs at relatively low cost to get quick runs on the board,  then bring the pilot into the business and scale it up with existing staff.  I’m always working to KPIs and Milestones to deliver shareholder value.

If you’d like to talk to Glyn about building an audience for your business, call him on 9922 3538 or visit buildtheaudience.com.