Welcome to new member Centre for Change & Project Management

Alicia Vaughan, Director of the Centre for Change & Project Management, is our newest member.

“Based in Macquarie Park, Centre for Change & Project Management offers professional development workshops, sessions and courses for change, project and training professionals. No matter how busy your staff are, we offer full day, half day and one hour sessions to ensure you can participate and still get valuable results,” Alicia told RBF.

Half day workshops include DARE to get out of BED (use this model and watch the dramatic changes to the change program or project), Personal Brand, On-boarding Change Agents and Stakeholder Engagement.

One hour Brown Bag PD@Lunch sessions (lunch and learn) include Cranky Cards (a great way to change organisational culture instantly), 21 Day Challenge (to be used during a change initiative to encourage positive changes), 7 Miles (guaranteed to get anyone working on a change program to better understand affected users) and Impostor Syndrome.

“One day workshops include Change Practitioner Program and Innovative Training Games.  They are jam packed with content and include heaps of freebies, tools, templates, posters and games.

“Professional Development changes company culture, and we aim to work with organisations to achieve positive results,” Alicia said.

Find out more at the website and give Alicia and her team a call on 1300 044 140.

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