Welcome to new member Savant Corporation

“Savant Corporation is a management consultancy. We build value in companies by professionalising management, driving engagement from staff, higher productivity and reduced costs,” says Meyer Mussry, Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Savant Corporation.

“Savant Corporation is a management consultancy unlike all others.

“We employ mature consultants, with many years of experience in business as well as academic qualifications. That means you don’t get looked after by an intern, fresh out of uni, but by someone who knows what they are doing.

“We are small, so you have high visibility

“Our overheads are low, so our rates are a quarter or a third of the large consultancies.

And finally, we love the positive impact we make on peoples’ lives and on the viability of their businesses!” Meyer said.

Find out more here and contact Meyer on 0403 075 523.