What’s new in Windows 10? Mach5 IT Solutions gives you the rundown

This story is provided by Richard Grace of Mach5 IT Solutions.

Windows 10 is almost here – 29th July 2015 is the scheduled release date.  So what can we expect in the way of new features?

Well, first – it’s free to existing users with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 already installed.  These users will have a full year to download and install their free upgrade.  Anyone with an older version of Windows, e.g. Vista, will have to pay for the upgrade – and it could make more sense to buy a newer machine with Windows 10 pre-installed.

Next, something new that’s old – the Start Menu is back (Microsoft bowing to consumer pressure?), albeit with expanded capabilities.  Essentially, it means anyone using Windows on a desktop will again enjoy an interface that is familiar and works sensibly with a keyboard.  The more modern features of Windows 8 are still available as part of 10 for those using tablets or other ‘touch’devices.

Continuing on that theme, Windows 10 will be optimised for the increasing number of 2-in-1 devices on the market.  If using a keyboard the system defaults to desktop mode; disconnect the keyboard and the tablet mode – touch interface – is activated automatically.  Users can easily toggle between modes to select your preferred method at any time.

Still using IE (Internet Explorer) as your default browser?  Windows 10 incorporates Microsoft’s new ‘Edge’ browser providing a better browsing experience to anyone who hasn’t switched to Chrome, Firefox or one of the other competing browsers.

Windows 10 is all about Apps.  The kind of Apps we all use and are familiar with on our mobile devices, and Microsoft has developed its own App Store to supply them.  The best part of the Apps upgrade is that they’ll have a common look and feel whatever device you access them through.

Of course, there’s much more to Windows 10 than we’ve discussed in this brief introduction.  If you want to know more about upgrading toWindows 10 on your existing pc, laptop or tablet, or on a new device, talk to the experts at Mach5 IT Solutions on 1300 872 727 and we’ll help identify your best options.