How you can take better advantage of foot traffic passing your store

Foot traffic is a vital part to any store’s success. Foot traffic refers to the people walking past your store, who may not generally be looking to come inside. One key thing you can do to boost your shop’s success is to take advantage of foot traffic walking past by drawing them in. Here are four simple ways you can draw foot traffic into your store in order to boost your income, grow your client base and network your business.

1) Clean your windows

This may seem straightforward, but you would be surprised at how many storefronts have beautiful displays that are ruined by smears or even bird poo on the windowpane. Clean windows show people that you care about cleanliness and the way your store looks. It also shows future clients that you value all aspects of your business. Clean windows ensure that those walking past only look at your displays and are not distracted by marks or smudges. 

2) Have a unique but effective window display

You want to ensure that your store’s window display is clean and clearly shows clients what you offer. You also want to ensure that it looks unique and stands apart from the other shops on the strip. If you run a bakery you could ensure that you show your unique delights or have a 3D cookie display in the window. Florists can add fairy lights to window displays and create a cute but unique floral border around the window and a pre-loved clothing store should ensure than mannequins follow a theme such as Steampunk or 1950’s fashion. This ensures that people are drawn to your store and not every other store on the block.

3) Add footpath appeal

Sometimes called “sidewalk appeal” or a “curb catcher” this is something outside the store that encourages people to come in by enticing them. This could be as simple as a clever sign or something special and unusual such as a table and chairs with a small selection of books so people can sit down and read. Whatever it is will depend on the niche of your store in particular but as long as it gives people a taste of your shop and makes them smile, laugh or feel good the foot traffic will stop simply passing you and will come inside, curious to know more.

4) Ensure the shop appeals to foot traffic

Psychology is a useful tool to use when setting up a store. We should appeal to all the pleasure centres in the brain if we wish to draw more people into our store and for longer periods of time. This is important when we choose a colour scheme and set up our displays. We want to avoid abrasive colours that would put people off from coming inside. We also need to ensure that staff are always busy and have something to do even if it as simple as sweeping or re-hanging clothes. You should also have some light and quiet music in the store. Classical music or instrumental music is good as it calms people and makes them instinctively feel safe. If you follow these steps not only will your store gain more foot traffic but they will stay for longer and hopefully remain engaged for longer as well.

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