What is interactive marketing?

Interactive Marketing: What It Is and How It Works

What is an Interactive Marketing? Interactive marketing is a strategy that focuses on the business’ individual customers, their behaviors, expectations, preferences, and demands. This strategy is also known as event-driven marketing and it allows the customers to connect directly to the company with the use of two-way communication channels. Companies and businesses use the service of the Interactive Marketing Agencies. An Interactive Marketing Agency is geared to help the business to ...

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bi fold plantation shutter

Top 7 Shutter Businesses in New South Wales

If you live in New South Wales, Australia, you can notice that most houses were installed with shutters.  Shutters are solid and stable window that usually consists of horizontal or vertical rails. They are best used at home as insulators. By installing shutters at your windows, you can properly cover the window and it also adds style to your home. And by moving the rails, you can control the sunlight or ...

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How to Detect a Leak in Your Business

Did you know that a few of the businesses are paying 90% higher on their water bill because of water leaks? Water plumbing or underground leaks are tricky. If you will pay no attention to it, it could be wasting up to 2,000 liters per hour. A leak detection helps prevent the business to consume more than the regular bill. A scheduled leak detection inspects the fixtures and plumbings. And this ...

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How to Run your Start-up on a Budget

To be in an IT business, expect that everything needed would be costly. There is no part in technology that could be given for free. To start up a business everything you need in IT would have sufficient resources.  Even knowledge is salable. What would you do if you want to start up a business and you are on a budget? With our budget limited, all we have is limited as ...

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Has the Traditional Office Become Obsolete? (If so, what next?)

Even though there are mixed views and opinions regarding the long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the traditional work environment, everyone agrees that the way people work will change irrevocably. No one knows for sure if people will go back to work in a post-pandemic future. However, what has happened in 2020 is an acceleration of some existing trends. The transition to remote work was already widespread before the pandemic.    Therefore, ...

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Why it’s important to ensure your local business website is up to date

It is vital that you keep your local business website current and up to date. There is no point in having a website that is outdated or contains wrong information. For a local business, their website is their most important resource. People want to know if you are still operating In the current global climate businesses are closing at a quicker rate than we have seen before, and if your website is ...

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How you can take better advantage of foot traffic passing your store

Foot traffic is a vital part to any store’s success. Foot traffic refers to the people walking past your store, who may not generally be looking to come inside. One key thing you can do to boost your shop’s success is to take advantage of foot traffic walking past by drawing them in. Here are four simple ways you can draw foot traffic into your store in order to boost ...

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How to start networking to grow your customer base for start-ups

The way in which you network will vary drastically based on several factors. If your start-up is aimed at an older demographic, then you will need to market and network differently than someone whose start-up is aimed at providing services for backpackers or students. No matter who you are aiming towards having as clienteles, there are some generally useful ways that you can network, gain data on your target clients ...

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