How to Run your Start-up on a Budget

To be in an IT business, expect that everything needed would be costly. There is no part in technology that could be given for free. To start up a business everything you need in IT would have sufficient resources.  Even knowledge is salable. What would you do if you want to start up a business and you are on a budget?

With our budget limited, all we have is limited as well – it could be time or staff or sufficient data. How would you do well without having any funds to spend on tools, training, and process design? How a valuable IT service provider could focus on all these hindrances? Let me share with you the idea of the “one most important key” on how you will be able to still work on focus every though you are on a tight budget.

BE CERTIFIED! Yes, it is the most important key to start up a business even though you have a low budget. If you are an IT personnel that is already certified, this article is for you. And if you are an IT personnel that hasn’t certified yet, don’t worry, things have gone be easy for you. You may take the ITIL Online Exam easily and fastly. Get certified without leaving the house, because ITIL Examinations can be done over the internet at the comfort of your favorite chair in front of your computer. So prioritize being a certified IT personnel.

Once you get certified, you will be trusted by your clients, to be trusted is to gain more clients. Just for you to know, only those who have no money to pay for IT service providers would get services from those who are not ITIL certified. They are those who are not concerned about quality services for their business. And come to think of it, who’s the business owner would not care for the quality of their business? Of course, there is none. So, there is no point if you are an IT service provider to stay uncertified. 

Certified IT would have the right demand for the cash deposit to make the service provided gone well. It’s just a matter of the right and smart marketing strategy. Even big IT Companies do require down payment even before they get the service started. So don’t hesitate to acquire a partial payment as long as you have a credible plan to show your client, you have certification to prove that you are legit, and you ought to get paid a reasonable price, there is no reason for them to back out.

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