10,000 steps a day for Jane

Jane Leonard of Savvy Graphics has committed herself to walking from her office in Crows Nest to Spit Junction and back, every day for seven days – that’s quite a walk – around 10,000 steps each time – but it’s all in a good cause: The Walk In Her Shoes Challenge.

Jane says, “In developing countries, women and girls walk for hours every day to collect food, water and firewood. The hours spent walking prevent them from spending time going to school or earning an income.

“CARE Australia does amazing work and each year at Savvy Graphics, we do what we can, to help raise funds for CARE so they can provide clean water closer to homes and kids can go to school. By doing this, we are helping them lift themselves out of poverty.

“It costs $450 to provide a water pump that benefits a whole community and frees up the kids to go to school. Not really a lot of money to change the lives of a whole village.

Please consider sponsoring me for the Walk In Her Shoes challenge, which is on from 18-24 March.”

You can sponsor Jane here, with a few clicks of the mouse: https://walkinhershoes2013.everydayhero.com/au/jane-leonard

Of course, if you like, you could don your own walking shoes and sign up too!