Business of the Month, April 2013: Altus Q

Ivan Gavran of Altus Q was selected as our April Business of the Month, and he has a special offer on the Altus Q: Accidental Salesforce Program

‘Staying sharp’ is critical to maintaining a consistent flow of customers and cashflow.

You may have heard the saying “Rising tides float all boats” – for so long the market came to you, you didn’t need to win customers.

The tide however has gone back out…we are seeing that in every industry most Small-Medium businesses have struggled to adapt.

If you feel you need more confidence and structure in the way you do business development, then our ‘100 day Accidental Salesforce’ program is for you.

The program will give you:

–          Clear market positioning

–          Better sales channels

–          Skills on how to have more pointed discussions to improve conversion rates

Special offer: during April 2013, all RBF members are entitled to a free coaching session to give you an experience of this great program.

Give Ivan a call on 0432 245 039 – he is happy to share insights and case studies.

Altus Q is an international firm of expert business coaches who help business owners develop sales skills and business development strategies to improve their profit and cash flow.