Can you help Samantha, a seriously disabled girl in our community?

Samantha ChebatSamantha Chebat is 12 years old and suffers from a rare, serious disabling disease which means that she cannot go to school or associate with other children because of the risk of infection and possible death.

She has wonderful parents and recently, Ryde Toyota in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Macquarie Park arranged for a new car to be specially fitted out and supplied for her parents to take her around.

The car cost $30,000 (interest free loan) and to date there has been very generous support from local individuals and The TWT newspaper, the club has raised approximately $8000 so far and the funds are initially processed through the appropriate Rotary accounts for further disbursement .

David Malone, President of Macquarie Park Rotary, says he and the Club would like to raise enough funds to clear the debt by mid-year 2017. At the end of the Rotary Year, many clubs look for deserving local community charity cases to be given donations at the Changeover Dinner, however he will most likely need more support from local business.

Could you consider making Samantha one of the beneficiaries of your company’s generosity this year? Any funds raised in excess of the $30,000 target will be donated to “Polio Plus” another Rotary project.

Any contribution will help this wonderful young girl. Please contact David Malone on 0418 440 828.