Centre for Change and Project Management is now InitiativeWorks

Alicia Vaughan’s company has changed – both in name and the services it provides to businesses such as yours.

“InitiativeWorks are Activity Based Working specialists. We work closely with organisations to leverage a new way of working that ensures a positive, healthy and immersive cultural environment,” Alicia said.

“Imagine the possibilities when your employees work together as one team.

“Activity Based Working (ABW) is a fresh, new and innovative approach to work – a meaningful and genuine working environment that encourages and requires deep emersion and full participation from employees in order for it to be successful.

“InitiativeWorks can assist your organisation by offering high impact training, workshops, team collaboration sessions and change management consulting for the transition to Activity Based Working.

“Our sessions are short and sharp, catering to busy professionals yet gaining maximum impact so that training is beneficial and gets results, encouraging employees to adopt ABW as a productive and efficient way of working,” she said.

Visit the website for more information: www.initiativeworks.com or call 1300 044 140