Epping North Public School seeking mentors this spring for student ‘businesses’

The following story was submitted to RBF by Rob Phillips of Epping North Public School:
Our Community Bank Branch is currently supporting the Epping North Public School Financial Literacy Program.  The Program is for all Year 5 and 6 students, and centres upon a small-business simulation approach. 
All the students have been divided into “companies”, each of which has to devise, design and market a new “product” or “service” to the community – or devise an innovative development to an existing product/service. 
The students are working on this over a 7-week timeframe, but the school is seeking assistance from local community members for just a couple of sessions during the program – approximately 11.30am – 1.30pm on each of Friday October 23, Friday November 6, and Friday November 20.
The idea is that the community “mentors” will listen to the students’ ideas and look at their processes in order to provide feedback to each “company”.  Even if you do not have a background in business or commerce, your experience as potential “consumers” of the student “products”/”services” will be invaluable in providing input for the students to further develop their financial literacy abilities and other skills in this context.
The school has already run a competition among the students to devise their own “currency” for the program. There is also the possibility that community members will be asked to act as “investors” to provide “seed funding” for those “companies” which they judge to be the most innovative and viable.​
If you are able to help in any way (or know someone else who may be able to assist) on the dates specified above (even for a short time), would you please get back to me ASAP so that we can organise this vital part of the project.​ Our local kids will be the beneficiaries.
Rob Phillips
Telephone: 02 9868 4099
Mobile: 0412 736 064
Email: robert.m.phillips@det.nsw.edu.au