Free BlandsLaw webinar 2 April: Legislative changes, trends and implications for employers

Are you up to speed with recent changes in employment law? Are your business practices compliant with legislation?

In this 30-minute free webinar, Christine Broad gives you a run-down of the most important changes in employment law this year, and how they impact you. The webinar also highlights the trends that employers need to look out for in the coming months. As ever, practical tips are provided on steps you can take to stay ahead.

Topics include:

  • New anti-bullying jurisdiction
  • Privacy laws
  • Fair Work Act: changing rosters and working hours
  • Managing ill or injured workers

BlandsLaw webinars are frequently rated as useful, valuable and relevant sources of information that participants can use in their workplace.

A sound understanding of these essentials will minimise your risk (and cost) of non-compliance with workplace laws.

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