“Heartbleed” bug advice from ChillIT

You might have seen some recent press about security vulnerabilities caused by ‘The Heartbleed Bug’. Unfortunately this vulnerability is widespread, and may have indirectly affected you.

As a rule, you should at best practice:

– Reset your passwords regularly

– Ensure you have anti-virus software installed on every computer in your network

– Keep your anti-virus definitions up to date

– Be suspicious of unsolicited emails

– Never save your passwords on your computer

With this recent vulnerability announced, we would strongly recommend that you reset your passwords, particularly those to secure websites and secure email servers, to ensure that your accounts are safe.

Please use strong passwords that:

– Are more than 8 characters long

– Have at least 1 capital Letter

– Have at least 1 number

– Have at least 1 symbol

Security is an issue that Chill IT is constantly addressing and Chill IT adopts best practice in dealing with known and potential threats. If you have any further questions about security please contact us at support@chillit.com.au, and for more technical details on this specific bug please visit the Heartbleed website http://www.heartbleed.com