MGSM relaunches The Influential Leader program

MGSM Executive Education is delighted to announce the relaunch of The Influential Leader program. This highly successful program has been refreshed into an even more dynamic and experiential learning journey, exploring the relationship between influence, authority and power in leading and managing.

The program is designed for senior leaders and high performing operational managers who are navigating diverse agendas, influencing and needing to seize opportunities to succeed in the 21st century business world. It is ideal for those who want to work more strategically and broaden their sphere of influence in complex systems, featuring diverse stakeholders and disparate priorities and challenges.

Notable elements of this program are 360 degree and real time peer feedback, meaningful project work based on the participant’s identified organisational opportunity, a four day face to face experiential learning module with expert facilitators, and executive coaching before and after the face to face component.

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