RBF’s Dragon Boat team achieves PB at Ryde Rivers Festival

RBF’s Dragon Boat team achieved a Personal Best at this year’s Ryde Rivers Festival, by finishing second in one of its races. This was, everyone agreed, a huge step up from finishing third three times the year before.

Team Captain Milly Colahan said, ‘I would like to thank the team members all personally for committing to our RBF team. Bringing your best game on the day and having that competitive edge certainly helped us!  The line-up was shaky, the ladies were outnumbered by all the muscly men in our team 12-4 and we also had a few absent paddlers. We assured Dragon Boat NSW that our inexperience would more than make up for it so they let us paddle. I personally believe that all the other teams knew we were a force to be reckoned with and tried to get us disqualified before we even started!’

This year RBF had a professional Dragon Boat paddler – Jonathan Detjen from the NSW Business Chamber – on the team. Jonathan provided helpful tips which obviously paid off!

Member for Bennelong John Alexander MP paddled in two of our races, and Milly said, ‘John’s support was awesome, his paddling skills helped us get over the line and his one liners were hilarious!  Next year we will hold him to ringing his boss Tony and asking him to stop the dragon boats!

‘I honestly believe there is no better way to network or bond with your peers – I m already looking forward to Team RBF 2014,’ Milly said.

If you’d like to put your name on the list for next year’s team contact our Team Captain Milly Colahan on 0414360387.

Selected photos of our team members on the day are below.

Team 2013

Team 2013

John Alexander MP

RBF's secret weapon - chocolate


Photos from RBF’s Treasurer George Papallo:

RBF at Ryde Rivers Festival RBF Dragon Boat team RBF Dragon Boat Team