Recycle more through the Bin Trim program

Want to save on waste? Join 20,000 businesses recycling more through the Bin Trim program. The NSW Government has funded $35M to develop business use of recycling equipment to divert and reduce waste going to landfills.

Reducing waste is good for business – it can reduce costs, save time, build staff morale and enhance your corporate reputation. Generating less waste also saves valuable water, energy and raw materials.

Bin Trim has been designed to help small and medium sized businesses quickly identify simple actions they can take to start cutting waste and boost profits.

Local MP The Hon Victor Dominello, Member for Ryde, urges RBF Members to take up the offer of a free assessment of their business waste.

Free assessments and rebates

If your business employs between one and 199 employees or is a small to medium ‘like’ business*, a Bin Trim assessor may be able to conduct a free waste and recycling assessment and produce an action plan for your business.

Your business may also be eligible for a rebate of between $1000 and $50,000 to help with the cost of recycling equipment. Your Bin Trim assessor will help you to apply.

NSW businesses send more than 1.8 million tonnes of business waste to landfill each year. The good news is more than 70% of this could be reused or recycled.

*If the business has over 199 employees, a site that operates as an SME is eligible to participate with the following conditions:

  • the site must operate as an SME and have between 1-199 employees
  • the site has its own waste contract (not a centralised one of the larger parent company)
  • maximum of five sites from one company can be assessed
  • the parent company is not listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Trial the Bin Trim tool

Enter some basic information about your business and the Bin Trim tool will produce an action plan that identifies which materials you could be recycling or re-using.

Reducing waste sent to landfill has environmental and economic benefits for the whole community.

Find a Bin Trim Assessor

Find a Bin Trim assessor

Browse the list or search for a Bin Trim assessor by industry sector or council area. Contact the Bin Trim assessor by clicking on the email address.

Or contact the EPA on 131 555 or to register your interest.