Ryde Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan

Your input is needed, members, to help make Ryde a better place to live and move about in. Bitzios Consulting is currently working with the City of Ryde Council in developing a Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) for Top Ryde and North Ryde. The study area is shown in the figures below. Study area 3Study area 1Study area 2

Bitzios is welcoming comment from local businesses and community members with regard to any concern raised by customers, members, and/or staff travelling to and from these businesses within the immediate proximity of the shopping centre particularly in regards to pedestrian activities. The following points are of interest to their work, but please feel free to raise any other concerns:

  1. Are there any pedestrian access concern to the businesses along footpaths, road crossings, refuge islands, signalised intersections, un-signalised intersections etc?
  2. Do customers and staff cycle to businesses, and if there are any concerns raised? Is the existing surrounding infrastructure sufficient to encourage customers and staff to ride to businesses? Are there bicycle parking provisions within the immediate vicinity?
  3. Are there any requirement for disability provision, such as wheelchair access?

Would you be able to provide some indication of the mode of travel (walk/cycle/private vehicle/bus) to and from businesses for both customers and staff? This would allow us to clearly identify the needs for certain pedestrian facilities.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Clayton Wills or Felicia Lau at (02) 9557 6202.

Please submit any written correspondence with regards to the PAMP to: RydePAMP@ryde.nsw.gov.au