She Business event: Why women suck at sales

“Everyone lives by selling something” (Robert Louis Stevenson) and every business thrives by selling well.

We open a business because we’re superbly good at what we do and for many of us ‘sales’ or having to ‘sell’ is an afterthought, not really our main skill set. In fact how many of us silently think ‘I hate sales’. For women this is especially so!

Come along and hear from a woman who loves to sell, is exceptionally good at it and has dissected her love of the sale process so she can help others love sales too.

In this presentation you’ll discover the 5 top reasons why women suck at sales AND learn what needs to happen in your business to succeed in creating a successful sales cycle.

Start your year with the confidence to sell yourself and your business and let 2013 be the year you ACHIEVE.

This luncheon event will be held at Concord on 9 April – find out more and register here.