STARS getting Parramatta business people fit and healthy

Andrew Hill's AussieSTARS with Parramatta Lord Mayor John Chedid (front left) at the launch.

Andrew Hill’s AussieSTARS with Parramatta Lord Mayor John Chedid (front left) at the launch.

RBF’s Vice Chairman Andrew Hill is the person behind the AussieSTARS, those cheerful yellow characters you’ll see at major community events in our City.

As well as working in Ryde and providing school holiday fitness activities for kids at Sydney Olympic Park, Andrew and the team were involved in the launch on 11 April to get Parramatta business people more active:  The Healthy City Initiative run by Parramatta City Council.

“We linked Council, the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and local schools in an action packed lunchtime in the mall,” Andrew said.

Parramatta Mall will be the go-to place for workers in their lunch hours to have fun playing table tennis and other sports with the STARS, but that’s just the tip of the fitness iceberg. There are soccer and touch football teams on the go, a brisk 30 minute morning walk with the Mayor, cardio, kickboxing and resistance classes on the riverbank, tennis, swim lap training and more. Andrew is running a corporate table tennis challenge on Wednesday 10 July.

We think this is a great initiative for Ryde to embrace. We have so many wonderful parks and malls near business areas. Fun team sports such as these encourage people to make the effort and leave the desk at lunchtimes. Now the weather is cooler there’s no excuse!  Let us know whether you think Ryde Council should support a similar initiative.

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